Saturday 24 August 2013

Perry Hussars Arrived

 The Hussars I ordered from Perry have arrived and first impressions are very postive, the box contains 4 horse frames, 4 trooper frames, a command frame, bases and a full colour 4 page painting guide, which includes, uniforms for the peninsular and Waterloo, including Hanoverian regiments. As always with Perry the figures are well proportioned and have very little flash or mould lines. The only negative thing I would say is that the stripes on the trousers, while useful for painting are a bit too raised.

I am really pleased to get these as I have been rushing to the door everyday when I get home in anxious expectancy but to be honest they arrived in good time and were well worth the short though agonising wait. It was a great moment to open up the box and see that mazing box art. Loving these figures so far and I'll put pictures up once they're built.

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