Friday 9 August 2013

My strategy for Empire Total War land battles

Here is a rather awful looking diagram that I have created to show you how this versatile strategy works. I have never lost a battle using these tactics and the armies I use have the advantage of being cheap to form because they have a infantry content.
Arrow- Skirmishers, if you don't have any use militia.
Rectangle- Line Infantry, the key troops for this strategy
Circle- Heavy/Elite Infantry the counter attack
Triangle- Cavalry, skirmishing and devil may care charges
Star- Commander
Red- Enemy

The number of units does not matter (my armies are usually full) but the rough proportions does, majority line infantry with small amounts of the rest.

The Setup
The line infantry from the horse show shape to protect the central artillery from enemy troops, the upper ones can form square if needs be. The skirmishing militia/light infantry are in position and set onto guard and or skirmish mode. The Cavalry are positioned to sweep down when they are needed and the grenadiers are in counter attack position.

The Defence
Other than the occasional light cavalry or skirmisher foray keep you troops in position and let the enemy come onto you, gradually move your back line infantry forward but make sure you are always pouring fire into the enemy. You must support units with each other for this to work. The enemy will not have as much chance to fire back and the work of the cannons should help. You have to time this well but once you think the enemy are breaking or are too close to the artillery start the counter attack.

The Counter Attack
Once the time is right, switch your units to combat mode and charge them, send the heavy infantry and remaining cavalry in support (if this is on campaign do not send your general in) even cavalry can break if charged by line infantry, quickly a route will happen and the enemy will begin to flee, press home the attack until you win. Send your heavies where the enemy are weakest and make sure you hold on to the advantage.

I am not bragging when I say I have never lost with this system, then again Etw is much easier to play as the defender.


  1. This is a very interesting tactic. I sense a need to play some total war!

    1. Thankyou :), I'm around for multiplayer in the afternoons GMT time on Empire and Napoleon if you're interested.