Saturday 31 August 2013

Charity Shops are Great for Books and Wallets

I was looking round charity shops today and for a grand total of £6.49 I bought:
Blandford- Military Uniforms of the World in Colour, a book who's plates always appear whenever I search any unit or period online. As the title would suggest it is filled with colour plates of armies and units (by period) from 1652 to the 1960s (when this book was published). For £2.50 what's not to like, especially since it's such a popular and revered tome.

My second purchase was the huge an again beautifully illustrated Cavalry (the history of a fighting elite) by V.Vuksic and Z.Grbasic as the name suggests this wonderful book is all about cavalry and it was only £3.99 which for a large hardback book is pretty amazing. Each page deals with 1 of 100 images of  cavalrymen/mounts and gives detailed information as well as a full page colour plate.

Both lovely buys, well worth the tiny sum of money, I must go out more often.

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