Tuesday 1 October 2013

Perry Miniatures Plastic French Line Infantry Review

How to say this without sounding like a patriotic git and marginally racist...

The British are much better, the models have less flash, more options, less chunkiness and no decapitations!
I absolutely loved the Perry Redcoats (I'll have to get another set to review) and the hussars of grown on me but my dislike of these models has steadily increased since I purchased them. I believe this is either a very early or the first perry plastic kit and it shows, the models are stocky and the arms are held very close to the body but this is understandable since they are mostly one-piece castings other than backpacks. Being a modeler I hate one piece castings, the only models that are not one piece are the voltigeur and a few arms on command. Perry have decided to torment me however with head options and considering you only get 3 simmilar sprues (one is part command) for 42 men you'll want these. The problem is you have to decapitate the models just to do this and carve chunks out of the shoulder so the collar inclusive pieces don't look like somone is wearing a long sepperate collar. So I  now have a few french which I dared to convert which look like they are chicken men.

Chicken men that is until they are painted, I did test models with white and black under coats respectively and I have to say when painted the head swap isn't too obvious. To be honest they had potential and at that price (£20 for 42 models) I'm not complaining but I'd recommend you think about whether you're prepared to deal with the faff before you consider purchasing these.

Carausius Rating: 3/5

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