Monday 14 October 2013

Warriors of the Week (what was uniform of the week)

I am aware that slowly my Uniform of the Week posts have progressed further away from uniforms and have been more about units themselves and I've decided that this is because I want to write about soldiers as opposed to what they wore, I may write some more posts showcasing uniforms but when I do I will not attempt to write my art critic style prose I wrote before.

Anyway this weeks warriors are the Saxon soldiers of the wars against Viking and Norman invaders, the Fyrd and Hurscals who fought for Alfred the Great, Harold Godwinson and many others. The Saxons have always been Saxons rather than Normans in terms of preference. I just liked the kind of noble barbaric Saxons as opposed to the more neat and obviously wicked Normans. My interest in shield wall warfare has been rekindled recently due to reading Bernard Cornwell books and so I thought I'd showcase the Saxons for this week.

Anyway I love Saxons in general, I know Hurscals and Fyrd are very different but lets face it their both cooler than any Norman, I love the society and I love the armour especially the helms of Saxon Commanders. Anyway the Saxon warriors of this period were much better than the Normans obviously and I now realise that changing the name has changed nothing.

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